caravan runs

it’s time to experience more of what you know is possible

European Caravan Run

1/8/24 – 1/25/24
Starting with a 3 day workshop in London, then travel to Damanhur, Munich for DLD Conference, Davos for WEF Conference, ending at Chateau Du Fey

US Caravan Run

August 2024

Asia Caravan Run

September 2024

Post Caravan Mentorship

Why Caravan

Because you know, and want to live the knowing. We are in an age of integration, direct experience, and embodiment. You can feel you’re at the precipice, that there is more to life and have had momentary experiences that can’t be explained and want to live more from this place. A place where spiritual knowledge is your lived experience, moving beyond the constraints of consensus reality.

The Run

As a practice, the Evolving Caravan involves a three-week journey visiting several cities and meeting with local entrepreneurs, artists, scientists, and luminaries in innovation and consciousness.  The journey begins with a three-day workshop where the developmental framework and ground rules are introduced.  Each caravaner also sets an intention for the trip.  This intention and their desire for this intention to happen during the journey provides context to investigate how they process emergence.  As a collective, all the caravanners will support the personal intention that each caravanner has set.  A schedule of cities is laid out prior to the trip that will include events in the region that bring together innovators.  Each city visit (typically three days) will include a networking party (first day), a workshop with local healers and mystics (second day), and follow-on meetings, personal healing sessions, or sight-seeing (third day).