Konstantin Pavlidis

Founder of Orassy Centre

Konstantin Pavlidis

Founder of Orassy Centre


Konstantin is a science educator, meta-physicist, an artist who has worked in the fields of wisdom traditions, physical and mental therapy, traditional medicine, healing, scientific research and movement arts over the past four decades. He is currently working as a Professor at the Institute of Cognitive Sciences researching meditation and breathing as therapeutic techniques, and is a research fellow at the Russian Institute for Advanced Studies and an international representative of the Moscow Pedagogical State University.

He is a recognised expert who has also written articles on health, wellness, life state and green homes. These include the Guardian, Mail on Sunday and various prestigious magazines & websites including Amanda Holden, Christian Jessen, Best of British, Lorainne Kelly and more.

His therapeutic background is in the study of natural medicines from the Georgian, Chinese, Japanese, Indian and Tibetan traditions as well as therapy systems which include Shiatsu, Acupuncture, Osteopathy and Sports Medicine gaining his qualifications both in Australia and Japan.

His training in wisdom traditions includes Taoism, Zen and Tibetan Buddhism from various masters, Australian Aboriginal and Eastern Christianity since childhood. He has participated and collaborated in countless initiations and rituals with masters of various traditions from around the world over many decades.

He is also a movement artist having studied and practiced the martial arts, internal arts, various Meditation traditions, Tibetan/Indian/Japanese Yogas, Dance and Classical Ballet.

He has created a number of teaching programmes in the areas of self- development, therapy/healing and the performing arts. Some of these are:

Zen Essence Yoga, Movement Mastery, Kinesomasis, Wave Pulsing Therapy, Dance Mastery, Choreosynthesis

He received a B.Ed. in Science from the University of Sydney, Australia where he first began to use analytical and assessment devices as part of the research during his major study in Bio-mechanical Analysis of Human Movement.

This continued with brainwave pattern research into altered states of consciousness using the Mind Mirror and then other devices including the Nexus, SCIO, GDV and Timewaver.

Konstantin’s qualifications include B.Ed. in Science, Therapy Diplomas in Shiatsu and Sports Injuries, Diploma Teaching – Zen Yoga, Trulkor Tibetan Yoga M.B.S.A, Federation of Holistic Therapists.