Introduction: How this is going to be different

13 Jan 2018

Introduction: How this is going to be different

After being to countless conferences and hackathons, this weekend in Lisbon, we’re going to experiment with something different.

A typical feature of conferences is that speakers have to tailor their message to large audiences. The only time an individual has a chance for a more custom exploration is during the brief Q&A at the end of the talks, if they are lucky to get selected for posing a question. In this conference, we’re experimenting with a different format, one inspired by the Startup Weekends I’ve organized in San Francisco and Athens, that will attempt to overcome this issue and give a more individualized experience to each participant.

The conference is divided into three parts: Vision, Discovery, Transformation.

In the first part, Vision, each individual speaker expresses in a short talk of 15 minutes the unique perspective & skills they have acquired over the years. Essentially they are pitching their discoveries, abilities, and how they can be of value to others.

In the second part, Discovery, participants interact with the speakers and get to ask questions directly, while speakers help participants discover things about themselves, comparing their views of consciousness and reality with those of the speakers, discuss career challenges, and aspects of life that could be developed, improved or reconsidered.

In the last part, Transformation, the speakers, after having become acquainted with the participants during the Discovery stage, offer workshops and individual sessions that aim to improve the particular issues discovered during the Discovery phase.

That format aims to make the whole conference more interactive and directly tailored to the concerns of the participants.