On the Road

Quo Vadis

“We’re going to be at least 4 people” was the last thing I communicated to Dr. Gino Yu before hoping on a taxi with Josh Whiton and Johann Christian Schiessl heading for a Thai restaurant in Soho, England, where we were supposed to meet up with Gino and Peter Giblin from the Le Ciel Foundation. The European Tour of the Evolving Caravan, exploring the Edge of Consciousness, had in some sense already started before I even reached London, with some of the speakers meeting up with Rupert Sheldrake, one day before my arrival, to talk about consciousness. Josh, Johann and...
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A Frequency of Information

The year is 2017. The area was Zurich. Yet another young adult tuned into a frequency of information that before had infused others, who at the time were completely unknown to him. A few weeks before. After a deep, yet incredibly short breakdown of only a few hours, I realized it was about time to finally come back to what I already knew. I knew, that in order to not fall into something that increasingly felt like what others called a „burn-out“, I had to now finally start using my time and energy for my passion. I had to let...
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A Question to the Universe

The year is 2010. The area was Silicon Valley. A motley crew of people, most of them young adults, casually dressed, from all over the world, don’t exactly “fit” at a restaurant in Atherton, a place “regularly ranked among the most expensive zip codes in the United States”. Some are engineers, others are scientists, philosophers, designers, but all of them are entrepreneurs, bootstrapping different startups. They can afford to live in the area mainly because an unused mansion was given to them cheaply by a venture capitalist to turn into a next generation incubator and accelerator for technology startups, an...
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