On the Road

A Frequency of Information

The year is 2017. The area was Zurich. Yet another young adult tuned into a frequency of information that before had infused others, who at the time were completely unknown to him.

A few weeks before.

After a deep, yet incredibly short breakdown of only a few hours, I realized it was about time to finally come back to what I already knew. I knew, that in order to not fall into something that increasingly felt like what others called a „burn-out“, I had to now finally start using my time and energy for my passion. I had to let go of the notion that something would come out of nothing – I had to again feel inside and set my intention properly for the synchronicities to come back and lead the way.

While at the surface I had chosen to reluctantly step into my fathers steps and study architecture, my real passion only presented itself through the discovery of the spiritual world.

In 2016, 7 years of personal research in a multitude of interconnected topics in and around what I ended up summing up with „consciousness“ led me to a point where I was about to finish my Master´s thesis in architecture but realized that indeed I had to decide what actually would be worth spending my days for looking forward. It led me to the deeply felt certainty, that when it came to the feeling of deeper meaning and fulfillment, nothing would be able to compete with the furthering of my understanding of consciousness. However, I felt the notion, that at some point I would connect these worlds and combine my academic and my spiritual knowledge.

Thus, I finished my studies, left my country and set out to explore further. After a lot of synchronicities leading me to visit the International Academy of Consciousness in London, I knew I was going in the right direction, fully acknowledging that their CDP was just another beginning but one, that reassured me that I was on the right track. While working as an interior designer / architect in Zurich for the next 2 years, I got to know a lot of inspiring people who kept me going although I was constantly between the feeling of doubt and trust. I didn’t understand why I still found myself working in the area that I chose to leave behind but it ended up enabling my trip to the International Congress on Consciousness in Miami in 2017 and a subsequent trip through California, where I felt that deep connection and love to the area of information presented and the people involved.

Leading up to the trip, I also started having very interesting personal experiences – insights or „download“ experiences accompanied by some automatic writing, was presented information that was going to be confirmed in the following days, weeks and months. Furthermore, I started remembering experiences that I had as a child and again felt my personal connection, my path, my mission.

So – back to where we started. That night in October 2017, where I found myself in what I now call a frequency of information.

I was researching medieval christian Orders and mysticism when I thought about our current time and what seems to be missing.

I was wondering about the fact that in these times, „mystic” ideas and practices were nothing out of the ordinary. When one was inclined to find out more about spirituality, it was possible to become a member of one of many available orders, some of which still exist to this day and continue to have influence on many parts of life. I started thinking about a place that would enable something similar yet very different.

A place where all kinds of approaches would come together and benefit from each other. A place where the most current topics in emerging technologies, transtech, conscious hacking or blockchain could meet the latest findings in science through the implementation of consciousness and be compared with taoist or buddhist, with hinduistic and islamist teachings, be compared to christian mysticism, to magic, to ancient and recent philosophies, ….

It felt nebulous. I felt something and it felt absolutely right. It felt incredible – it had highest potential, was extremely facetted and true. I didn’t have a name for it but in the following weeks, a name crystallized, that would at least encompass my part of the whole:



It all started, I’m sure, outside of the dimension of time, however, this part of the path and with it my involvement, with a feeling of need. A need of our society, a jumbled list of priorities, that is collectively moving us in the wrong direction. It was the quest for the reason for all the negative feelings that keep haunting us. The question for why we all work on our personal development on our own and why, the deeper our insights get, the more we feel disconnected from our peers or why we don’t naturally share them with the world.

Our society conditions us to be cautious when it comes to spiritual topics and a notion of pure luxury and ridicule is associated when we spend our time with „pseudo-philosophical“ topics that in the end are ignoring the idea that at least 90% of people won’t benefit from any of these. If we still occupy ourselves with these topics, we often feel out on a limb and exile our energetical involvement to our spare time – or at least some of it. Many people lose their involvement completely and just remember that at some point in their life they, too were interested in spiritual topics – surely the reason was that they realized there truly was nothing it it for them. Or was it?

Luckily the internet is changing a lot of things and nowadays, people are more inclined to share their stories and insights. It is easier to find likeminded people but there is still a long way to go.

The displaced value system of our society is enabling us to do a lot of things.

If we want to acquire a profession, there are uncountable efforts to enable us to do just that. The official systems invest a lot of money into the education of our children and young adults, so that in the end, we get yet another beneficial citizen that is optimally adding to general welfare. People take on credits, invest time and dedicate their whole lives to function in that system. The result is proven to be a largely disillusioned society, that is living in constant fear of failure, that is defining itself through a constant interplay of duty and distraction and that is trying to make the most of an unsatisfactory situation, that it feels itself exposed to while at the same time raising the next generation on the model of just that.

„To grow up“ now stands for the inevitable loss of potential through acceptance of the seemingly unavoidable. We grow into an underlying feeling of being exposed, of reaction. The limitless, creative potential that resides in each and all of us, that empowers us to change all of reality, is hidden behind a thick layer of fear. Surviving instead of living.

We are released into the „big bad“ world at a point in our personal understanding, where we already unlearned many important traits and instead accepted and adapted a whole range of unhealthy habits.

Periods of depression, midlife crisis, burn-out, seemingly inevitable psychological care and subsequent medication are now just as an accepted part of normal life as the general dissatisfaction with the job, the government and climate change. Scandals, natural catastrophes, wars, humanitarian crises, are chasing each other but in the end what sticks is only the feeling of impotence, of meaninglessness, of „healthy pessimism“.

All that doesn’t need to be but we don’t put any value into seriously fathoming the connections of life – at least not if it means we would have to challenge our own beliefs.

Once we have decided against a philosophic education, we’re only left with our spare time. We’re left with the distinct religions, philosophy, psychology and spirituality. It’s now up to us what to do with this but our efforts are generally not met with any kind of appreciation – to the contrary: If we concern ourselves with religion or spirituality, we quickly get into the atmosphere of charlatanry, of sects and of indoctrination. Once settled for one’s own, the fear of other world-views obscures a clear sight and impedes support.

We teach our children what we think are the important insights, that humanity has learned so far in order to live as best as we can and evolve continuously. We stop where the majority of „grown ups“ reached their comfort zone. We stop grantig each other further insight because we cannot decide what is right. Is it buddhism? Is it christianity? Islam? Quantum physics? Is it Kant? Rudolph Steiner? Maybe Ayahuasca? God?

I believe we finally reached a point where we can concentrate on the universal truth that everything hints to. We now need the paths, the locations, the structures to unite, to again learn from each other globally instead of furthering our habit of dividing and splitting.

True inner insight inevitably leads to spiritual wisdom.

The world needs to finally unite and work together on the most important topic of all. Together we need to shift the global value system in order to collaborate and use our collective wisdom and insight. The time has come for all different approaches and teachings to be seen as what they are – fragments, facettes, partial understandings, true insights that were used to base worldviews on, ignoring the fact that the universal truth, that they all are pointing to from their unique perspective is far greater than what can be put into words. We don’t have the language to communicate all aspects of what we can feel. No matter our origin, religious views, upbringing or any other factors, the truths, we can get to are of a universal nature. We are all able to experience truth in a multidimensional universe, way beyond time and space but sharing this aspect of existence needs more than just language.

We need places, that we can use to physically bring people and ideas together that feel similarly about our special point in time and want to further the awakening of humanity in order to be able to face what will come.

The truth is already here. We all have access to it – we just need to teach each other how and finally value what really counts. Together we further the puzzle, together we ascend to insight, to awareness and co-create our collective reality in new measures.

That night I realized that this is finally something that I would be happy putting in all my efforts to. The idea of that place felt big but also very unclear. How was I supposed to start with a project like that? There was obviously much more thought about what this place might be and would be able to offer but we get back to that in a minute.

I decided I would need an intermediary plan in order to test my theory and build a community of fellow seekers who feel similarly or at least can be excited to do so.

I originally wanted to get into my old VW van and drive through Europe – meet individuals from all different backgrounds who are working in all different kinds of areas and through engaging with them, maybe collaborating with them and eventually setting them up with others, start testing my hypothesis. I wanted to start a community where everyone learns from each other and together we leave words behind. I wanted to use that time to plan the place that I thought is needed.. For two months there was just always something missing.

In December, I then finally got introduced to the Evolving Caravan through my friends Nelson and Manori (who I know through the IAC), who met Gino and Alexandros in Shanghai at that conciousness festival. They ended up inviting the Caravan to have a stop in Lisbon in January and told me the good news about the chinese Transtech community visiting them in Portugal when they were just about to launch their new business.

You can imagine that I was quite impressed by how close the idea of the Evolving Caravan was to my intermediary plan – even the main picture resembled a version of my van. I was quite excited but only got to read Alexandros’ „A Question To The Universe“ in the beginning of January, where I also realized they would end their tour in Zurich.

Now, reading through the idea of the polystery and the reason for the whole caravan to take place, I couldn’t believe my eyes. He was talking about pretty much exactly what I was thinking about! Surely some details were a little different but I found myself in positive shock and ended up writing a long email to Gino and Alexandros, which they never replied to.

Fast forward to the Caravan’s last stop – in Zurich. After talking to Alexandros for about a minute and to Gino for what felt like 30 seconds, I knew this was it. I agreed to work on the polystery with Gino and surprisingly was handed over the „scepter“ (in the face of a long day a green plastic cup had to suffice) by Alexandros the same night – completely unprepared but more than willing to finally start into this adventure with an unimaginable jump start.

Thanks to everyone that I talked to afterwards – I feel incredibly lucky to have met all of you and I’m looking forward to meeting again and together bringing this to life.

I’m excited to see what will emerge.

The Question to the universe is planted – the intention set.




Dear friends and readers, there is a global shift of consciousness in the horizon. Enlightenment is here, it’s just not evenly distributed. Help the Evolving Caravan distribute it to polysteries around the world. Join us, as a participant, speaker or a node, and support our mission.